Recently Divorced Homeowners Mailing List for Real Estate Investors

An exellant list for targeted
Real Estate Mail Campaigns

Looking for potentially motivated sellers? 

People who have recently divorced are very often in a distressed situation and need to quickly sell their home. This makes them prime candidates for Real Estate Investors, whether you want to wholesale, flip or rent the property.

 ListAbility’s Divorced Homeowner list is compiled with the following characteristics:

  • Owner Occupied
  • Recent divorce within the past 12 months
  • Have lived in home for more than one year


Minimum Order: $235

 $150 per 1000 records plus $35 for processing – Mail to the list as often as you want for 1 year

Discount - if you plan to mail to each person only one time: $100 per 1000 records plus $35 for processing*


Addition criteria can be added to your list:

Home Market Value Range    $15/1000

Property Type – single, multifamily, condo   $15/1000

Loan to Value (Equity)            $23/1000

These can also be used to narrow your list down if your target is large enough

 The Recently Divorced Homeowners List is delivered via email in an excel spreadsheet. It will contain the owner’s name and mailing address along with the length of residence and codes for other criteria if they are use.

 Divorced data is difficult to obtain and maintain. The assumption is being made that when a recently divorced homeowner has been living in the home for more than a year, that it is the home owned by the couple prior to the divorce. Unfortunately, we are not able to track the divorced “former homeowner” who has moved out and is likely renting.

 Marketing Practices for the Recently Divorced Homeowner List

It is important that you do NOT mention “divorce” in your letter or postcard or subsequent telephone conversation. This will likely feel like an invasion of privacy and could anger the homeowner, becoming an obstacle to your building a relationship where they want to sell their home to you.


*When obtaining the discounted Single-Use license, you can only mail one time to each person on the list. The list will contain some “dummy” names that are delivered to us so we can track how many times your list has been used.