Email Appending

Append Email Addresses to your Customer File

Take advantage of low-cost, fast, internet marketing by adding consumer e-mail addresses to your database. These opt-in e-mail addresses are linked to the provided name and postal address based on detailed information from a large network of vendors. The Process: Your customer's file is matched against various databases and when a match is found, the e-mail address is added to your file. After an e-mail match is found for a corresponding physical address, a letter is e-mailed with the option to opt out. After allowing 6-8 business days for all responses, final numbers will be calculated measuring the opt-ins, excluding undeliverable and opt-out e-mails.

During the data collection process, subscribers voluntarily disclose their personal information, and have access to view a privacy policy stating that their information could be shared with third parties that have "customer relationships" with the individual.

At the completion of the e-mail appending process, the enhanced file is returned to the client. The e-mail addresses that are appended were those matched and are successfully deliverable.

The append percentage will vary depending on the accuracy of the data in your list. Average match rates for most consumer databases range from 15-20%. To enhance your append rate, addresses in your list should be verified through NCOA, DSF and CASS prior to processing.

By appending email addresses to your data you can:

  • Significantly increase your web site traffic
  • Improve your conversion rate through multi-channel marketing
  • Increase revenues from your enhanced database