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5 Reasons Why Franchisees Make Good B2B Prospects

Posted by Carol Arnold on Mon, Oct 28, 2013 @ 10:13 AM

target your customersSMALL iStock 000019300053SmallOne of the first steps in developing a marketing plan is to decide the type of companies you want to focus on.

Franchise business owners are great prospects

They need goods and services just like the rest of us.  Here are 5 reasons you should consider directing your sales and marketing efforts toward franchise owners.

1. Most franchisees are small to medium sized businesses which make the decision-makers more accessible.

They are entrepreneurs and have demonstrated that they want to have the independence of owning and running their own business. It is easier to reach the decision-maker because they have fewer levels of gate keepers.

2. Have the support from the corporate which gives them a better chance of success

Successful businesses are more ready, willing and able to make purchases to support their business.                                                                                                                                     

3. Franchise business owners have the independence to make purchase decisions of most non-core goods and services

You won’t be selling sugar glaze to the Krispy Kreme franchisee, but you could have good luck selling them financial services, cleaning products, technology or office supplies.

4. Many franchisees own multiple locations

One contact can help you to supply for several stores. We all know how this can save time and money for your marketing efforts.

5. Franchisees can be a great source for referrals

We all love referrals. Franchisees have close links with other owners and an incentive for everyone to succeed. Once you have put in the effort to land one franchisee, you can get an “in” with additional owners with the same business model.

Direct marketing to franchises by phone and mail can be very effective.

Obtaining a quality list of franchise owners should be a priority to kick-start your marketing campaign.

Your franchise mailing and telemarketing list should be customized to target the best prospects for your business.

  • Focus on your market area – could be a region, state, county, radius around your office.

  • What types of businesses do you want? Retail, food service, automotive, tax services etc. Industries can be selected using SIC codes.

  • Are there particular franchises that you are interested in marketing to? For example, you can get a list of McDonalds, Dunkin’ Donuts, H&R Block, Midas, Applebee’s, Snap-on, Panera Bread, Supercuts or fits your business model.

  • Decide if you want owners that have a single location (store, office, restaurant, service location etc) or multiple locations. You can even specify how many they have. As an example:  5 or more. A good list broker will ask if you only want to get the primary HQ for the franchisee and skip the branch locations.

  • You can select the size of the business by sales volume or number of employees.  

ListAbility's Franchise Owners Mailing List allows you to pull contacts, addresses and phone numbers of the specific types of businesses you want to target.

ListAbility is a list broker with experience helping businesses obtain targeted mailing lists and telemarketing lists to enhance their direct marketing programs. In addition to listings of franchise owners, we have B2B marketing lists and consumer mailing lists. Our experienced list brokers are able to ask the questions and offer suggestions to pull the best prospects from our marketing databases.

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